Rllrbll continues to record and perform with all three original members of Mae Starr, Monte Allen, and Gilles. The trio met in Montana, and formed Rollerball with Herman Jolly (Sunset Valley) in 1993 in Portland, Oregon. Jolly departed after a couple years, and Shane de Leon (Miss Massive Snowflake) joined for a decade alongside saxophonist, Amanda Mason Wiles. Wiles and de Leon both left over a dozen years ago, but but the core trio lives on.

From the troutmask on the internet:

OK, so more of the same. Kinda Jackie-O Motherfucker-y, kinda Necks-y but without the repetition and insane percussion. Perfectly at home on Road Coneā€¦

What the hell? Did this just turn into R ‘n’ B? And holy fuck where has this bass player been during the previous 15 minutes? And just as quickly it’s receded. A few spare trumpet wails, but it actually sounds like the just sucked the whole track into a vacuum cleaner.

And now its sounds like its trying to escape. And failing.

Well, that’s one way to make me kick myself for not having heard of you at all until now.