Pulse Spasm Vapor

-Jon Lodge, Tricia Opstad, and Dusty Shriver are Pulse Spasm Vapor or PSV Trio. Lodge is an established Montana visual artist who creates black and white, process based paintings, utilizing planned randomness and surface tension. He has spearheaded musical improvisation in Montana since the 60’s after returning from Berklee College of Music. Lodge has found new inspiration in young collaborators, noise music, and underground labels. Opstad and Shriver are improvisers, dancers, and visual artists deep in the Pacific NW experimental scene.

-To create a revolution in sound you gotta know what the fuck you’re doing. You gotta fuck shit up by disassembling and reconstructing in order to create a whole new language or feeling. You got mugs frying circuits and twisting knobs to create an uneasy atmosphere to scramble and rewire. Or you have Pulse Spasm Vapor Trio that sticks to their “traditional” instruments and prefer to create new language via einsturzende/art ensemble/sun city girls, with the goal of sounding like music wafting from another room. This recording is adding to the essence of free sound with heaps of beauty, squawk and unpredictability and is keeping “the sound” alive. –Bryan Ramirez

Pulse Spasm Vapor Trio came together by a chance occurrence. Much like their grouping, their sound is created in the spirit of exploring randomized operations of sonic trills, wails, pulses and hums sculpted by influences of free improvisation and the limitless chaos of abstract noise. The psychic communication unfolding in the moment that is prominent in their playing exists in their visual aesthetic also, which is vital to their sound. This visual and deep listening juxtaposition is what brings the trio to a visceral landscape of genre bending lucidity, creating new sounds. Future and classic styles mutated together resemble that of a dystopian lab experiment leaking into the water. Drinking would result in transformation of all senses, you will hear cosmic infinity coursing through your bloodstream. You become sonically altered entering PSV Trio territory. Boundless. Forever humming the dream state.  —Dusty Shriver