Jack Cannon

1 / 4″ – XLR is a slow burn sound pastiche symphony. This cassette by Jack Cannon starts with silent white noise, a question about a monster, some radio static and then the rhythms begin. This project from Italian musician, Bruno Dorella (whose work with OvO, Ronin, RLLRBLL, Bachi Da Pietra, Sigillum S, Tiresia, and GDG Modern Trio has stretched across Europe, Asia, and North America), takes all the influences of drone, classical, deep rhythms, cut / past sampling and deftly makes a piece of music that builds from simple spoken samples to catchy hard rocks extremes. Movements that swell and subside, clean breaks of acoustic guitar, Italian electro punk, and hip hop.

Released September 24, 2021 

Recorded in January 2015 by Gabriele Simoni at Indiehub, Milan. 

Mixed and mastered in june 2017 by Stefano Giungato at Indiehub, Milan 
Jack Cannon plays everything and sings. Tegu tells the story about the monster. Mario Cavalcoli reads Dino Buzzati. Moder represents Kurt Vonnegut. All the rest is stolen. 
Cover artwork and Jack Cannon logo by Raligher. 
This record is inspired by Raligher’s “Trama” 
Thanks to Fabrizio Testa and Andrea Dolcino 

This North Pole Record 47

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