Happy Belated Birthday

Shane de Leon has been touring and recording since the early 90s in the bands Freak Seen (90-94), Rollerball (1997-2007), and currently, Miss Massive Snowflake (2004-), Dusty Tears (2017-), and Happy Belated Birthday (2020-). He estimates he’s played around 1500 shows in 15 countries and has been on over 75 releases. De Leon’s main group Miss Massive Snowflake is based on lyric driven and guitar based songwriting, buy in Dusty Tears with Jamie Smith, and now with Happy Belated Birthday, Shane de Leon stretches out in the studio on production and layering improvised takes. Live, Happy Belated Birthday, is de Leon playing both drums and guitar in an improvised mess of ideas that usually end with him spilling the kit all over the stage.